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They are not mine, what you see is what the person prepared. I own an advertising company that keeps me busy.

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About me:

After Serving in the US Air Force, followed by joining a major telecommunications company where I worked my way from the bottom to reporting to the president then taking early retirement, I started the Crystal Group in 1991 as a seller of Promotional Advertising Products.

Over the years I became proficient in

  • direct mail,
  • copywriting,
  • logo design,
  • e-mail advertising,
  • web site management/hosting and
  • web site set-up for my clients.

Today, The Crystal Group is a one stop shop for increasing the visibility (read sales) for small and medium size business’.

When I started on the Internet it was basically run by engineers for engineers.

Advertising was a no-no. Boy has this changed!

Since 2018, I’ve spent untold hours and dollars following the Internet, updating my skills and learning about the impact social medial and video ads have played in the advertising world. To me, as with my staff, everyday is a learning day. 

Now, it’s 2020 and the world has changed! The internet is more important today than ever before.

I still sell Promotional Advertising products as most business’ need off-line and on-line ways to stay visible. However, direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc. have lost their glamour. We still see them, get junk snail mail so they are not gone, yet!

Today people shop on line. If you’re not on line with a web page and at a minimum a Face Book page you are losing out on sales. Let me help you build your business both on and off line. Contact me at jim@crystal-group.com with any questions you may have


July 30, 2021

P. S.

Do you know someone who has depression? Is Always Sad? Suffers from Anxiety attacks?

Is it just feeling sad all the time? Why can’t people just snap out of it?

Depression is said to be the most widespread mental disorder. It affects women far more than men, and is particularly prevalent in teens.

There is so much information available today from the medical profession, drug manufacturer’s, gurus, etc. you can literally spend days trying to figure out what you need to know.

Should I see a medical professional? Should I take medication? Should I exercise more? Should I change my diet? Should I (Fill in the blanks)?

This page is not about answers but a starting place for you to get answers.

We’ve searched the web for videos (a picture/video is worth a 1,000 words) you can use as a starting point to gain information.

The information on this site is not an offering of medical advice. Rather it’s a collection of information gathered to make your life easier searching for the answer.


Depression Help