AYOlite Light Therapy Glasses | Premium Blue Light Therapy Wearable for Better Sleep, Energy and Wellness | Research-Backed & Expert Endorsed (ABC News, CNN, Forbes, Men’s Health, etc.)

21kaSuQmBzL. AC218GvplmFPL. AC41nhXL1likL. AC41eNQ1D64dL. AC31i4vOXiBJL. AC21XW633n vL. AC41WEG6F0s6L. AC21HLah9PZGL. AC buynow3Warnings: Children under 4 years of age must be kept away from the AYO device at all times. The AYOlite technology is not recommendable for use by children below 18 years old; individuals with light sensitivity, epilepsy or a history of seizures; individuals with reduced physical, sensory or mental ability, or by individuals with insufficient experience and / or knowledge to operate such a device. Consult with a physician before using the AYOlite technology: If you suffer from bipolar disorder (manic depression), SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or if you have a history of eye disease in the family. if you have an eye disease (glaucoma, retinitis or retinopathy, or macular degeneration); if you use photosensitizing medications as light might change the effectiveness of some medications (e.g. antibiotics, antihistamines, chemotherapy drugs, cardiac, diabetic and skin medications, etc).
🌚 ALL-NATURAL SLEEP AID – Achieve better sleep in less than 14 days! Fall asleep faster and wake up easier. The AYO device helps reset your body clock so you can achieve restful sleep and brilliant mornings. Sub out those sleep pills and melatonin supplements for something even more natural!
🌟 EASY-TO-USE – AYO’s glass-like wearable is optimally-designed to sit on your head comfortably like normal sunglasses while allowing you full visibility to do other things. Unlike traditional light therapy boxes and lamps, the one-size-fits-all frame is portable and easy-to-carry whether it’s to the office or another country.
✅ CLINICALLY PROVEN SAFETY & EFFICACY – Based on the latest industry research and expert feedback, AYO optimizes clinical-grade circadian light treatment for easy home use. AYO complies with all international safety directives and has been independently certified for safe consumer use.
👍 PERSONAL GUIDANCE – Not sure how to make the most out of AYO? Reach out to us and we will provide you with personal recommendations on how to improve sleep, energy and mood as well as cope with winter blues, jet lag or prepare for shift work.,


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