HUIXINLIANG Light Therapy Lamp, UV-Free 10000 Lux LED Light, Touch Control with 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels, 3 Timer Function for Home/Office Use

31z30s41w3BlVvaaL. AC31WoLMKMrFL. AC51uW3LiGdRL. AC519f4N9Xe7L. AC41EBNtqkIgL. AC41AyqY7bbeL. AC buynow3 Product size: 250x160x18mm

USB charging

Product material: plastic

Product color: white

Working hours: 20 minutes

Product net weight: 0.4KG

Product gross weight: 0.45KG

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Daylight awakening phototherapy lamp: Our phototherapy lamp is a desk lamp with the function of waking up the sunrise analog alarm clock and the brightness of daylight in the illumination range of 5000-7000k. Help you to resist emotional irritability and sleep disturbance to the greatest extent, make you energetic in daily work, and rejuvenate every morning
3 color adjustable fluorescent lamps: Our fluorescent lamps provide strong light without ultraviolet rays, which can make you feel better when you think you need extra light. Touch the button to choose the brightness that suits you from 3 colors, excellent comfort, super convenient, convenient and practical, and can meet all your needs for sufficient light
Function and scope of application: Our fluorescent lamp can be adjusted according to your personal preference and environment. Excellent comfort, super convenient, convenient and practical, can meet all your needs for sufficient light, suitable for office, home and travel. Helps relax after work, assist sleep and regulate mood
Sunrise alarm clock: Our phototherapy lamp is not only used as a lamp, but also has an alarm clock function. It will automatically light up 30 minutes before the alarm time, and then slowly light up with 20 levels of brightness. There are 6 natural alarm sounds to choose from. The latest snooze function allows you to take two naps and then wake up
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