JUXLamp Light Therapy Lamp Bio-Clock Adjustment Happy lamp UV-Free 10000 lux Bionic Sun-Beam Alarm Multiple Natural Ambient Sound Available Wake up lamp Built-in Lithium Battery (SAD-PSP-02)

313K2iD9oRS. AC41S5Au 79 L. AC41inudFfVbS. AC51mP lTZDmS. AC31X4tbgKqkL. AC41ZeBMMcjtL. AC41LaM3cOK4S. AC41XXpj51T6S. AC buynow3 【Product feature】
★—120 LEDs in full spectrum intensively encircled and integrated on optical modules, can simulate natural sunshine exquisitely.this product is scientifically designed with optical modules and luminescent devices in full spectrum. With high illumination and no ultraviolet ray,
★—12 natural ambient sound tracks(drip/twitter/brook/rural morning/sea beach/wind chime/classic alarm/stream/quiet night/koil/rain drop/pink noise) for your favorite selection.
Full spectrum light:
JUXLamp Light therapy lamp delivers bright light at up to 10000 lux to provide you with your daily boost of sunshine.
It can help adjust for jet lag/shift work, and boost body energy.
When you feel lazy and sleepy, sitting in front of this light can help you refocus and energize you!
This product can also be used as a high quality eye protection reading light at low brightness.

【Technical Parameters】
☆–AC input: 100~240V 50/60Hz
☆–DC input:5V/2A(USB-C interface)☆–Illumination Intensity:0~10000Lux @ 4 in
☆–Color Temperature:Warm color temperature 3000K,Cold color temperature 6000K, Mixed color temperature 4500K.
☆–Color Rendering Index: RA>95
☆–LED life circle: over 50000 hours (Brightness decrease less than 30%)
★–battery capacity :3600mAh/13.32Wh

【packing list】
☆–1* Light therapy Biotic Sun-beam Alarm Energetic Lamp unit
☆–1* AC to DC Adapter
☆–1* USB-A to TYPE-C(Cable length 5 feet)
☆–1* Product instructions

【Multi-function light therapy alarm clock wake up light 】Our Bionic Sunlight lamp provide essential sunlight, It also simulate sun rise and with natural ambient sound. Unlike ordinary alarm clocks awakening users with sound or vibration, Light therapy Sun-beam alarm is a brand new alarm clock that awakens users with light. It can give off light of 20,000 lux like morning light. The light is as bright as 3,300~4,200 lux even the distance is 20cm away.
Eyesight protection】Scientific optical components using LED at full spectrum (Color Rendering Index RA>95) never causes any dry, rough or dazzling feeling like ordinary LED illuminant does.Built-in large capacity lithium battery: which enables 5 hours battery life with full capacity under 20-grade brightness.(only apply to SAD-PSP-02 model)
【3 sets of sunlight color options】Warm (like morning sun, color temperature 3000K), Cold (like noon sun, color temperature 6200K), Mixed color (color temperature 4600K). cold color temperature is suitable for wake up (sunrise mode), and it’s more effective for adjustment of body bioclock and concentration; warm color temperature is suitable for reading and sleep assisting (sunset mode).
【Fashionable and portable】Ultra-thin round-shape design, which makes it possible to be put in office, bed room, study or use it during trips. It is suitable for office workers, night shifts, jet lag and people can’t get enough sunlight or hard to get up early. Enjoy the sunlight at any time. It has a wall-mounted hole for convenient wall hanging.,


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