KOZE Day Full Spectrum Light Bulb for Seasonal Depression, Energy and Mood, Happy SunLike LED, Circadian Rhythm SAD Support, Mimics Natural Sunlight Without UV, Dimmable, CRI 97, 5000k, A19 9W

41SUSWKkEQL. AC51TV9s1 2wL. AC41WAf4ER3RL. AC514g8pGg0uL. AC51O1IqZA8AL. AC51W9N37iUZL. AC51JI032tjYL. AC buynow3 KOZE Day Bulb uses patented SunLike LED technology to provide a full light spectrum that mimics natural sunlight without UV. Boost mood, energy, vitality and performance with this unique light bulb. The bulb is dimmable and replaces your normal daytime lights. 
HAPPY LIGHT BULB – Boost energy, mood and fight seasonal affective disorder SAD with KOZE Day Bulb. Natural light has been proven to enhance well-being and mental health.
IMPROVE SLEEP – When used during the day, our daylight bulbs can improve sleep by optimizing the circadian rhythm. Exposure to full-spectrum light in the early hours of the day enhances REM and deep sleep.
PERFECT FOR WORK AND PLAY – At 800 lumens and 9 watts, our LED bulbs will provide the brightness you need to be productive and enjoy life to the fullest.
OPTIMAL LIGHTING FOR ART & PHOTOGRAPHY – KOZE Day Bulb offers a near-perfect Color Rendering Index CRI of 97+, making colors and images appear natural and clear.,


Depression Help