Light Therapy Mood Physiotherapy Lamp, Ultra-thin 10000 Lux, Color Temperature And Brightness Adjustable Timing, Touch Control, Memory Function, Concealable Bracket, Suitable For Home/office/travel

41w90zUpMlL. AC51qFY1O3FFL. AC41D6vSWJicL. AC510UX5afUDL. AC buynow3 Brand: Win Branch
Item No.: 2368
Model: JSK-30
Type: LED modeling light
Input voltage: 5 (V)
Luminous flux: 10000 (LM)
Shell material: plastic
Size: 240*146*17 (mm)
Lamp holder specifications: 5V
Can dimming: Yes
Life: 10000 (H)
Protection level: IP65
Range of use: Enhancing the spirit

Simulated sunlight: The 10,000 lux LED has no UV brightness, will not harm your skin or eyes, provide a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, improve sleep, mood, and concentration, and refresh you in a good mood every day.
Touch to adjust brightness and color temperature: 2 levels of color temperature and 5 levels of brightness can be freely combined to form the most suitable light atmosphere, allowing you to completely relax in work and life.
Adjustable illumination angle: the bracket can be hidden, and it can be easily adjusted to your suitable illumination angle when placed at any height in the room
30-minute timer: a simple touch can control the irradiation time to automatically turn off after 4 time periods. Very convenient to create your sleeping environment
Memory: It will remember the previous brightness setting, when it is turned on automatically, the light will restore the color temperature and brightness used last time. This saves time for constant adjustments. It is very suitable to be placed on your study room, bedroom bedside, dressing table and company desk, etc.,


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