Miracle LED 9W Blue Blocking Warm Yellow Sleep Bulb Replacing Up to 60W to Replicate Setting Sun and Produce Melatonin Organically,Amber Glow,609015

41pNnyT7knL. AC31NKRFbCGrL. AC41Nek8MTFqL. AC41OFjI9Yq5L. AC51f5H50TQoL. AC41HsG3H8BoL. AC41cQ3 LIT6L. AC buynow3 Miracle LED has spent years developing the perfect HEV blocking amber glow of the blue blocking bedtime light. Blue High Energy Light is jarring and naturally produced by the sun to get us up and awake for the day, making it unhealthy to our sleep cycle when exposed to at night, when we should be sleeping. Your circadian clock (your sleep/wake cycle) has been perfected over thousands of years, to daily sunrise and sunset. With the Miracle LED blue blocking light, simulate a sunset every night with a gorgeous, soothing amber light built right into the LED that looks and feels better than old, luminescent yellow painted bulbs and emits no blue light. Blocking out blue light may help prevent sleep disorders, help get you ready for bed, and help prevent migraines. Cut out the blue light and give your system a chance to create melatonin naturally. Blue Blocking series is designed for you to study your own relaxing areas with bulbs that inhibit blue spectrum light. Blue Blocking bulbs are NOT replacements for actual medical procedures or tests. They are not meant to treat medical conditions of people that find trouble sleeping. These bulbs only remove the presence and emission of blue spectrum HEV light within the light.
Sleep Soundly And Wake Up Refreshed By Cutting Out Blue Light Prior To Sleep! Ditch The Sleeping Pills And Synthetic Melatonin, Your Body Knows How To Create What You Need For A Restful Sleep. Better Sleep For A Better You.
This groundbreaking LED light is also Dark sky friendly, meaning if used outdoors, it wont fill your beautiful starry night with light pollution and a dull blue haze characterized by UV heavy lights
Traditional bulbs are rich in blue wavelengths, which may suppress your natural melatonin- the sleep hormone. Your body responds to blue light by suppressing melatonin, keeping you alert and awake longer!
Consumes only 9W making the Blue Blocking Bulb multiple times as energy efficient as its luminescent counterparts. Replacing up to 60W 130V incandescent bulbs.
Uses phosphor converted LED chip technology that literally blocks out blue light,


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