MiracleLED 604396 Miracle LED Almost Free Energy Passionate Emotion Intensity Lighting Led Light Bulb 2 Pack

41oSN8FX5ZL. AC41+KfLlYt3L. AC41S3j2wGiaL. AC51BcepmJnHL. AC buynow3 Uniquely designed to capture the color of the 10-11am mid-morning sun. This clear, crisp slice of daylight has shown to produce a positive, and upbeat mood that may stir up an atmosphere of emotional intensity. Seize the opportunity this can provide! Get cozy with others while it works with your body’s natural draw to this particular spectrum of lighting. Use in the most fun areas of your home where people get together to enjoy other’s company. Create your own unique home lighting experience with Nature’s Vibe and save up to a year replacing two 60W bulbs.
Emotion intensity lighting – encourage an interactive, engaging, and focused atmosphere in any room
Uniquely designed to capture the clear, invigorating color of the sun’s rays as they appear between 10am-11am
Bring that special spark to any room of your house
Mix & match to create your own unique lighting experience
Includes 2 Miracle LED Love bulbs,


Depression Help