MiracleLED 604418 Almost Free Energy Hi-Activity Morning Wake Up LED Light Replacing Old, Hot 60W Incandescent Bulbs, 6 Piece , Blue

51eXj1EaoBL. AC41o0dPpmpoL. AC41j5St5vJzL. AC buynow3 Captures the sun at its highest and brightest at 1pm-2pm. High in blue spectrum light waves, this cool, bright Slice of daylight has shown to curb melatonin production. Turn it on during your morning routine to greet the day feeling energized and alive.
Safe, natural way to wake up and get you moving in the morning
Uniquely designed to capture the Color of sun at its highest and brightest between 1pm-2pm
Gives off a bright shade of light shown to be the most conducive to getting a positive, energized jumpstart on the day
Mix & match to create your own unique Lighting experience
Includes 6 Miracle LED boost bulbs,


Depression Help