OCYE Infared lamp, Infrared Heat Lamp, Neck Pain Relief, Back, Shoulders, Knees, Detachable Head, Adjustable Height, Foldable Base

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✔ Use infrared phototherapy to provide body treatment, safe and effective.
✔ Rotating the lamp head and flexible stand can be aimed at the area you need to treat.
✔Using its good thermal conductivity, it can obviously play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, promote blood circulation and sputum.
✔ Increase blood flow, promote blood circulation, and eliminate blood circulation disorders.
✔ Suitable for families, hospitals, health centers, physiotherapy centers, beauty agencies, etc.

Product Name: Infrared physiotherapy lamp
Symptoms: body pain
Applicable people: unlimited
Voltage: 220V
Power: 230W
Function: physiotherapy, beauty, heating
Weight: 8kg

Please note:
1, remember not to over-touch the bulb during or after use, so as not to burn the skin.
2, due to individual differences, if it is uncomfortable during the irradiation, it should stop immediately.
3, special patients, such as disabled patients, the elderly, children should be used by doctors or guardians.
[Heating therapy] uses infrared light therapy. Good penetration can promote blood circulation, reduce pain, disinfection and so on.
[Multi-function] Red light provides warm light, especially suitable for winter use.
[Adjustable] The lamp holder can be rotated, and the bracket can be flexibly adjusted to align with the part to be treated.
[High quality] Made of high quality steel, high temperature resistant, stable and stable, long service life
[Scope of application] Applicable to families, hospitals, health centers, physiotherapy centers, beauty institutions to promote the penetration and absorption of skin care products.,


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