Writing Extravaganza!: Journal Prompts & Story Starters for Creative Kids, 5th Grade Edition

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My Favorite Things!My Favorite Things!

Journaling with Purpose

This is not your ordinary journaling book!

Journal Prompts inspire personal growth by helping kids explore who they are and how they view their world. Kids are gently given an awareness of simple yet powerful concepts from positive psychology. This playful method can challenge limited views and foster healthy growth and change.

Story Starters give kids the opportunity to think about how they would react in real-life situations. The power of forethought prepares kids for when they encounter challenging dilemmas in their own lives. They’re relatable, they’re interesting, and they’re fun to decide how the story will go!

Kids Will Develop: Mindfulness Emotional Maturity Communication Skills Skills for Tolerating Stress Critical Thinking Skills Self-Awareness Positive Outlooks Ways to Talk About Feelings

Look at the joy!Look at the joy!

Great News for Kids, Caregivers, Teachers, and Therapists!

The prompts in this book will open the door for genuine conversation. They allow kids to explore topics and have conversations that otherwise might not know how to start. This book series is based on concepts from positive psychology, but all the kids will know is that they’re having fun! They are perfect for:

Kids who like journaling or who need a creative outletParents who want to boost their child’s mental healthTeachers who need warm-ups or supplements to a lessonTherapists who want new ways to explore topics

Applied Concepts from Positive Psychology

Self-Care Taking time for ourselves is an important aspect of our mental health. Identifying Strengths Focusing on the good things about yourself can boost self-esteem and confidence. Core Values Thinking about what we value in life can help guide our actions. Looking-Glass Self How we think others see us changes our view of ourselves—but is it really true? Pros and Cons Looking at different sides of a situation can help us make better decisions. Family Matters Family is here to support us—but sometimes we need help and don’t know how to ask for it. Locus of Control It’s important to recognize the things that we can and cannot control in life. Radical Acceptance Accepting things for what they are can help us let go of negative feelings we cling to. Time Management Thinking about how we spend our time can help us make more conscious choices. Guided Imagery Creating a peaceful scene inside our mind that engages our senses is a calming experience. Grounding Techniques When we get overwhelmed with feelings, grounding in the present moment helps us stay calm. Creative Visualization Our imagination is a powerful tool that can help us focus on the things we want in our lives. Assertive Communication Speaking up for ourselves and saying what we think and how we feel is important. Thought Stopping Sometimes our brain thinks things we wish we could stop thinking about; and, this technique can help. Catastrophizing We think about the worst thing happening sometimes—but what is the most likely thing that will happen? Anger Management We all get frustrated and angry sometimes—but there are ways to keep ourselves in check.

The Complete Writing Extravaganza! SeriesThe Complete Writing Extravaganza! Series

Check out the entire series!

Writing Extravaganza! has eight unique books for 5th to 12th graders. Each book is age and grade specific and is built to boost positivity through creative imagination. The sophistication of the language, social dilemmas, and concepts appropriately increase with each grade. The core concepts from positive psychology remain the same: Kids who engage with these books can lead happier, healthier, more productive lives—all through the power of play!

Publisher ‏ : ‎ The Playhard Project (November 22, 2021)
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