ZOUJIANGTAO Light Therapy Lamp LED Sunlight Sun Lamp with Adjustable Brightness Levels Timer Memory Function Touch Control Standing Bracket

31zdQivEU6L. AC41Dtoc7M4nL. AC41MWkNJeSZL. AC buynow3 Specifications:

Use voltage: 110-240V/12V 1A DC

Power / third gear control: one gear 1.8W, second gear 3.5W, third gear 7.8W

Product size: 277*162*18mm

Light window size: 226*131mm

Illumination: 1st gear 5600, second gear 11000, third gear 32000

Color temperature: 6500K

Is there ultraviolet radiation: no

Placement distance and continuous working time: 50cm/4 hours

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ALL-NATURAL SLEEP IMPROVEMENT LIGHT – This sleeping aid light can help you improve your sleep quality within 14 days! Fall asleep and wake up feeling naturally refreshed.
PERSONALIZED SETTINGS AT 10.000 LUX: The bright light therapy lamp provides 3 brightness levels and the function to set up a counter timer up to 60 minutes for maximum comfort.
IMPROVE ENERGY AND MOOD: Enhance energy levels and alertness while optimizing your natural body rhythm to your lifestyle without the need for energy drinks or caffeine pills.
SAFE AND NATURAL: Non-invasive, drug-free and 100% UV-free. It is the perfect product if you are insomniac, fatigued, sleep-deprived or working in shifts.
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